52" x 28" Ella Deluxe 03058 Soaking Right Ada Compliant Walk-in Alcove Bath Tub Maximize

52" x 28" Ella Deluxe 03058 Soaking Right Ada Compliant Walk-in Alcove Bath Tub


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Ella’s Bubbles, LLC is nationally distributed OEM manufacturer of walk-in bathtubs and barrier free showers based in Chicago. Ella’s Bubbles specializes in manufacturing the finest acrylic Ella brand walk in bathtubs. Ella’s Bubbles is committed to provide value added products that are manufactured with outstanding quality while providing consistency in servicing our customers with excellence.

Ella’s Bubbles has passed rigorous tests for quality in every aspect of its operations, meeting the most stringent of international standards. Ella’s Bubbles maintains customer loyalty by providing the total quality in products and service, as evidenced by its North American recognized ETL, UL and other international certifications.

Ella Bubbles promote greater independence and pleasure through elegant design, innovation and safety solutions. As a trusted source in the industry Ella provides you with unique fixtures that are consistent and reliable. Ella offers superior customer support and listens to your individual needs while providing you with fast solutions. Ella’s Bubbles is ready to meet the challenges of the future, and to provide you, the customer, with elegant product and peace of mind.

The newly designed common size Ella Elite walk in bathtubs offer the same standard features as the Deluxe plus a whole lot more. A wider backrest, more spacious seat, and unique swivel tray distinguish the Ella Elite in a class of its own. The patented swivel tray offered in Royal and Petite as well, keeps your favorite book or beverage safe, dry, and at arms reach. For those with limited mobility, a removable toe-kick access panel allows the threshold to be lowered for safe access in and out of the tub, and the Elite will drain in as little as 80 seconds because like all Ella acrylic walk in baths, the Elite is also equipped with Dual Drain Technology. Please go to product pages for detailed specifications, descriptions, drawings, photos or comparison chart. 


Our new Petite soaking walk in bathtub is…


designed to fulfill our customers’ requests for a smaller Ella walk in bathtub. The Petite walk in bathtub seat is as wide as our standard size Deluxe at 19 1/2 inches. 2 inches narrower than our standard size Elite, the Petite still offers the same offers luxurious features such as a unique detachable swivel tray, lower threshold, and backrest.


A perfect solution for those in need of safer bathing, the Ella Petite walk in bathtub comes standard with a textured slip resistant floor, two safety grab bars, and Dual Drain Technology which allows the tub to drain in as little as 80 seconds. For guaranteed exit reliability, all of Ella walk-in baths are equipped with two 2-inch drains, two overflows and two drain openers.


Ella acrylic walk in bathtubs are constructed of the highest grade impermeable and easy to clean gloss finish white cast acrylic, reinforced with fiberglass and gelcoat. The shell is supported with a stainless steel frame and leveling legs for ease and durability during installation. The supporting frame is set for a simple above the floor drain installation. The toe kick access panel is designed for threshold lowering options and convenient access to the bottom of the tub. The end access panel is included for the two wall installation option, or the wall extension kit to fit our tubs into standard 60″ openings.


The Petite comes in soaking and dual massage options, also left or right hand side door and drain. Also, the Petite Soaking comes with no faucet and no pre drilled holes option.


  • Shipping Size: 31″ W x 57″ L  x 47″ H
  • Shipping Weight: 223 lbs
  • Net Weight: 140 lbs
  • Water Capacity: 70 Gallons Unoccupied 35-55 Gallons Occupied


  1. Tub Shell — Acrylic Tub ShellLow threshold step in.
    • High quality cast acrylic grade A;
    • Excellent color uniformity;
    • 5mm cast acrylic sheet;
    • Easy-to-clean, gloss finish (white);
    • Fiberglass gel coat reinforced.
  2. Eight (8) adjustable stainless steel heavy duty leveling legs.
  3. Stainless steel and tempered glass door, door frame & rubber seal.
  4. Built in safety grab bar.
  5. Wall extension kit to fit in standard 60” opening (extends to 59 inches).
  6. Three (3) front and  one (1) end removable access  panels.
  7. Removable rubber back support white.
  8. Two 2 inch floor drains with two overflows and openers.
  9. Two brass floor drains (2”)
  10. Two drain handles operated with stainless steel cables for reliable functionality
  11. Two overflows for safety and fast drainage
  12. Two custom made floor drain elbows for 2” standard PVC pipe connection.  
  13. These elbows allow for above the ground installation option.

 Ella Petite Soaker Left Specifications

 Length: 52.00"

Width: 27.50"

Height: 38"

Seat Height: 15"

Seat Width: 19.75"



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